Online Program Management (OPM)

Mass-Ed is an education Start-Up focused on applying technology to learning (EdTech). We work with organizations to improve the quality of their online education.

Mass-Ed works with universities, schools, companies, and other organizations.

Mass-Ed assists organizations in designing, implementing, and managing their offering of online and blended learning.

Content Development

Content is critical to maximizing student learning and engagement . Working closely with professors and subject matter experts, we create attractive and interactive online learning resources. 

Data Analytics 

The more an institution knows about its students the better able it is to develop an educational strategy, plan learning, and make decisions. We extract, organize, and interpret data about student and instructor activities, providing institutions with the information they need to succeed.


Effective marketing, straightforward processes for enrollment and financial aid, and quality student experiences from the first day through graduation require constant planning and follow-up. We offer solutions for program marketing, recruiting, and building relationships with students throughout their learning experience.

Program Management

Orderly, efficient, and effective management of programs, systems, and personnel are essential to operational excellence. We manage professionally and efficiently all administrative operations an educational organization prefers to outsource totally or partially.

Faculty Training

Continuous adaptation to new technologies by faculty is critical to maintaining and improving student engagement. We develop effective training for faculty for the use of different learning platforms and optimizing learning content, evaluation, and pedagogical strategies.


Systems are the foundation for managing institutions, so learning and maximizing their integration is critical to getting the most value out of them. We offer solutions for implementing and integrating LMSs, SISs, videoconferencing softwares, CRM, and other systems for managing content, processes, and education analytics.