Edden for Institutions

What is edden?

  • edden is an innovative technological solution that detects and measures student
    We define engagement as participation during class, involvement in classwork, and the commitment students bring to learning, all of which impact their academic performance.
    in online and hybrid learning, in both its synchronous and asynchronous mode.
  • edden applies artificial intelligence to extract and integrate data from real-time classes, learning platforms (LMSs), and an institution’s other student information systems to detect student cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement in learning.
  • edden interprets the data and provides real-time information about students, enabling instructors to better discern classroom dynamics and improve them.
  • edden provides customizable reports that help institutions to take action to prevent desertion and optimize student learning.
  • edden is an effective tool for administrators, instructors, learning experts, and students in search of continuous improvement in education.

Ready to use!

As soon as a synchronous class begins edden is ready to provide data about student attendance, participation, completion of activities and scores among other dimensions. The result is valuable information about the level of student engagement in the classroom and outside the classroom.


edden can be integrated with an institution’s LMS, SIS or ERP, and CRM to analyze data from these sources and add it to the videoconferencing software, allowing a comprehensive view of student progress.


Dashboards with charts and tables provide the user with easily accessible and understandable information.

The information can then be used to identify timely interventions to improve learning throughout its lifecycle.

Continuous Improvement

  • edden offers recommendations for short-term and long-term actions.
  • edden provides instructors with information they can use to measure the impact the content and methodologies they employ have on their students.
  • edden enables institutions to gain more insight into students at risk so they can design and implement actions to address problems and help their students achieve success.


With edden, an institution can:

  • Understand the engagement level of their students.
  • Gain insight into the factors that impact student retention.
  • Obtain valuable data about programs and courses.
  • Improve instruction to raise the engagement level of their students.

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