Edden for Teachers

What is edden?

  • edden is an innovative technological solution that detects and measures student
    We define engagement as participation during class, involvement in classwork, and the commitment students bring to learning, all of which impact their academic performance.
    in online and hybrid learning, in both its synchronous and asynchronous mode.
  • edden applies artificial intelligence to extract and integrate data from real-time classes, learning platforms (LMSs), and an institution’s other student information systems to detect student cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement in learning.
  • edden interprets the data and provides real-time information about students, enabling instructors to better discern classroom dynamics and improve them.
  • edden provides customizable reports that help institutions to take action to prevent desertion and optimize student learning.
  • edden is an effective tool for administrators, instructors, learning experts, and students in search of continuous improvement in education.

Know the engagement of your students

Whenever you start a synchronous online class, edden is there to provide insight into student engagement during the class.

Through a user-friendly dashboard, you can see real-time data on student engagement and participation .

Data compilation

edden provides insight into asynchronous student learning activities for a class. Integrating data from an institution’s systems.

edden integrates data from an institution’s systems – including its videoconferencing software, LMS, SIS or ERP, and CRM. 

We use technology to facilitate your task.


With edden, an instructor can:

  • Understand the engagement level of their students during class and throughout a course.
  • See who the students who participate most and how they choose to participate.
  • Analyze the content and methodologies that best capture student interest and how their interest varies during a class.
  • Gain insight into the factors that impact the learning process.
  • Obtain valuable data about student activities in each class and during the course.
  • Evaluate their own class and course practices.


edden, as a solution based on artificial intelligence, provides you with information on the impact that your academic approach, methodologies, and contents have on each student.

edden enables you to monitor your students’ real-time engagement and analyze it after a class, add other academic information about your students, and gain insight into students’ risk of desertion.

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