Edden for Students

What is edden?

  • edden is an innovative technological solution that detects and measures student
    We define engagement as participation during class, involvement in classwork, and the commitment students bring to learning, all of which impact their academic performance.
    in online and hybrid learning, in both its synchronous and asynchronous mode.
  • edden applies artificial intelligence to extract and integrate data from real-time classes, learning platforms (LMSs), and an institution’s other student information systems to detect student cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement in learning.

Data compilation

edden measures student interaction and participation during a live class. By adding this engagement measurement to other academic indicators, edden provides information that can help you achieve success.

With the data provided by edden, instructors can better understand what kind of content or practices can be applied to increase student engagement . The result is an improved learning experience that benefits students and instructors alike.

  • edden interprets the data and provides real-time information about students, enabling instructors to better discern classroom dynamics and improve them.
  • edden provides customizable reports that help institutions to take action to prevent desertion and optimize student learning.
  • edden is an effective tool for administrators, instructors, learning experts, and students in search of continuous improvement in education.


Through easily accessible and understandable dashboards, edden gives you access to information about your course activities, helping you see what aspects you need to work on to improve your performance as a student.

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